Disable 4G 'Brake Lamp' warning light

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Disable 4G 'Brake Lamp' warning light by Indigolemon

My LED bulbs finally arrived this morning from Hong Kong. I fitted them, and they work great, but as expected the brake light warning lamp came on. As did the handbrake light, then the ABS light, then the 4WS light ...

So, after having a quick check of the manual, I added a workaround to allow me to have LED tail/brake bulbs in place with no resistors, and no warning lights on the dashboard!

The start - a test to see if my theory was correct (note the open ski hatch so I can see if the bulb lights)
We have a winner! White cable with green strip on the OS light unit
Close up of the plug into the sensor unit
Earth wire in place, neatly cable tied to the existing loom
And then the other end in the connector from the loom. Opened the connector and used the existing clips to secure the wire in place. It's the thin white wire with the green stripe

This means that if I want to revert to standard, it's simply a case of removing that wire - no permanent modifications have been made. Win!

For reference, these are the bulbs I ordered:

The width is normally 19mm on these. Avoid going much wider or the bulbs won't fit back into the lenses

Overall cost was around three quid for the bulbs, and a few pence for the two fuses I blew working all this out!