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Sales were not strong, particularly due to competition from Honda's other offerings. The Coupe version of the sixth-generation Accord received an exclusive front fascia, rear tail lights, wheels and many other body panels, being now marketed as a somewhat separate model from the family-oriented sedan, though its sedan roots gave it much more utility than the reportedly cramped Prelude. The sixth-generation Civic Coupe Si has also gained a reputation in its own right and was considerably less expensive than the Prelude.

  • 1st Gen (1979–1982): 171,829
  • 2nd Gen (1983–1987): 336,599
  • 3rd Gen (1988–1991): 160,909
  • 4th Gen (1992–1996): 98,627
  • 5th Gen (1997–2001): 58,118

Total Production: 826,082

In 2001, production was ceased on the Honda Prelude :-(

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