How to change the power steering fluid

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How to change the power steering fluid by Pushki77


1.7 litre (1.80 US qt, 1.50 Imp qt) at change


0.5 litre (0.53 US qt, 0.44 Imp qt)

Check the fluid at regular intervals, and add fluid as necessary.

CAUTION: Use only GENUINE HONDA power steering fluid Using other fluids such as ATF or other manufacturer's power steering fluid will damage the system


Some of the equipment I used

  • Power steering fluid, obviously.
  • 2 metres of 8mm ID hose, bought from B&Q for £3.70.
  • Turkey baster bought from Tesco for £2.69.
  • Funnel - old!.



Raise the front wheels off the ground.

This makes it so much easier to turn the wheels when bleeding the system.

I used two scissor jacks at the front, so I chocked the wheels at the back.


1. Get your turkey baster and suck out as much fluid as you can from the reservoir.


2. Raise the reservoir and disconnect the hose that goes to the oil cooler. You may want to put a small container underneath the reservoir to catch any fluid that you couldn't remove with the turkey baster. Alternatively, plug the reservoir with something.


3. Connect a hose of suitable diameter to the disconnected hose that goes to the oil cooler and put the hose end in a suitable container. (I found the hose I bought from B&Q was a nice tight fit).



4. Start the engine, let it run at idle, and turn the steering wheel from lock-to-lock several times. When fluid stops running out the hose, shut off the engine. Discard the fluid in an environmentally friendly manner, (your local amenity tip has provision for this).


CAUTION: Take care not to spill the fluid on the body and parts. Wipe off the spilled at once. I found that this was a very messy job, no matter how careful you are. When I'd finished the job, I gave the area a clean with some soapy water. :)

5. Reconnect the hose to the reservoir.

6. Fill the reservoir to the upper level mark.


7. Start the engine and run it at fast idle, then turn the steering from lock-to-lock several times to bleed air from the system.

8. Recheck the fluid level and add some if necessary.

CAUTION: Do not fill the reservoir beyond the upper level mark.

Keep some fluid in your car for the next few days and regularly check the level. Top up if necessary.