How to clean the ABS sensors

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How to clean the ABS sensors (a very short write up!)

This is for the REAR sensors, however the front is similar.

You'll need:

  • Ratchet
  • Size 12 socket
  • A car jack
  • Brake and clutch cleaner (I used Wynns)

What to do:

First off, jack the car up. I used a hydraulic jack at the rear towbar, to raise both sides off the floor. Just makes it easier as it's only a 5 minute job! Brick the front wheels, put the car into reverse (if its a manual) and slowly remove the handbrake. With the handbrake on you can't spin the hub, which you'll need to.

Remove the wheel:


The opening to the left of the shield is where you can see the ABS sensor through.


The ABS Sensor!: (pictures courtesy of Taffylude)


Remove the two 12mm bolts and move the sensor out of the way.

The ABS Sensor!:



The ABS Sensor ring!:


Give the toothed wheel a squirt of brake cleaner whilst spinning the hub, so you get to the whole wheel. Also give the sensor itself a clean.

As the toothed wheel spins near the magentic strip it causes pulses, this is how the system works out the speed and if any wheel is a different speed to the others.

Remember, always make sure the car is properly supported! Brick the front wheels, put it in the correct gear and use an axle stand/s if possible.

Written by JayJay.