VTEC Engine Light

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VTEC Light Mk.1 by Ammo

While I was bored I rigged up a VTEC light for my Lude. It has no real purpose, but it comes in very handy to know when you drop out of VTEC.

I tapped the VTEC wire at the ECU (Yellow/green wire) so there was no need to run any cables through the firewall, just lead them up to your dash. The ground was just attached to anywhere on the chassis.

I got the idea to replace one of the blank lights in the centre console with a blue VTEC light

1 - Start of my idea
2 - The blank lights in the centre console
3 -I then worked on the best VTEC logo, finding one that didn't disappear when the LED's came on was difficult
4 -The solid Black just let the light trough went lit so it didn't look very good unfortunately. I ended up going for the solid black lettering It came out the best.
5 -The LED bleed from the Solid black one
6 - And the final product